Fiio FA9 Review – Fun Times

In my initial impressions of the FA9, I suggested that it may be one of their most significant IEM launches in recent years. After spending more time with the earphones, my standpoint remains unchanged. The FA9 is one of the most competitive IEMs in its respective price point, more so at $599 than the FA7 was at $299. The presentation has some very intriguing qualities, being spacious and immersive but also warm and smooth while showcasing good refinement and vocal clarity. Still, lovers of absolute balance and linearity will find a presentation pushed more towards the fun and engaging side here, with notably raspy vocals and a slightly muddy low-end. The fit and design remain very alluring to me, similarly, the extensive accessory set. The sound customisation options are also very usable, which will widen appeal. Arguably, in pursuing performance, some of the value the company is known for has been sacrificed though; unfortunately, no company is above diminishing returns. The Fiio FA9 occupies a wise price range; one where it offers almost kilo-buck performance but at enough of a discount not to compete with these models directly.



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