• Single Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor FA1


        DLP 3D printed
        Customized balanced armature driver 
        Detachable MMCX cable 
        Light and comfortable 
        Democratizing affordable excellent sound

      • Exclusive Bluetooth Reception Adapter BAT10


        QCC3005 Bluetooth chip (Bluetooth 5.0)
        Support SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL audio codecs
        High-performance independent headphone amplifier
        cVc noise cancellation

    • Android-based Hi-res Lossless Music Player M11


      Samsung Exynos 7872
      High-performance audio, dual AK4493EQ DAC
      2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm ports
      Native DSD256|USB DAC 384kHz
      Transmission of all Bluetooth formats+ reception of lossless Bluetooth
      FiiO’s first ALL to DSD supported player
      5.15 inch bezel-less touchscreen
      18:9 ratio, 720P resolution display
      13hours battery life | 50days deep sleep standby time
      Hi-Res+Hi-Res wireless Audio


    • LC-2.5C/LC-3.5C/LC-4.4C


      Handmade high purity monocrystalline copper silver-plated Litz earphone cable

      • New 4 BA 1 Dynamic Driver Flagship IEMs FH7


        Custom Knowles BA driver 
        13.6mm beryllium dynamic driver 
        Patented S.Turbo acoustics design
        Exotic-inspired acoustics design 
        3 free sound filters
        8-stranded monocrystalline silver-plated cable



      • Exclusive Bluetooth Reception Adapter BAT10


        QCC3005 Bluetooth chip (Bluetooth 5.0)
        Support SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL audio codec
        High-performance independent headphone amplifier
        cVc noise cancellation


      • Fully Balanced THX AAA AMP Module AM3D


        THX certified | THXAAA-78 technology | 3.5mm single ended+4.4mm balanced



      Ultra-portable Hi-res Audio Player M5


      Ingenic X1000E processor
      High-performance AK4377 DAC
      CSR8675 premium Bluetooth chip
      Lossless Bluetooth receiver&transmitter
      Supports USB audio output
      15 hours battery life 
      24 hours deep sleep standby time
      Supports recording and calling 
      Customizable screen orientation  
      Supports USB DAC
      CNC+2.5D glass
      Full touchscreen gestures 
      Up to 2TB microSD
      Step counter/pedometer function

      • Bluetooth DSD capable Amplifier Q5s


        High-performance audiophile DAC
        Dual AK4493EQ DAC chips
        XMOS XUF208 768K/32Bit decoding, DSD512
        Bluetooth 5.0 with all Bluetooth codecs
        Detachable amplifier module comes with standard AM3E
        Variety of inputs: coaxial/optical/Line-in/USB
        Variety of outputs: :2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm
        More extensive indication function
        Dual Hi-Res certified, MFi certified, Qualcomm Bluetooth aptx certified, Sony LDAC certified

      • All-new BA/SE AMP Module M3E/AM3.5PRO

        HiFi OPA926 amp. chip | Lapped PCB layout
        2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm/3.5PRO headphone outputs


      • Desktop DAC and Amplifier K5 Pro


        Independent high-performance AK4493 DAC chip

        XMOS XUF208 USB decoding chip

        Specially designed audio architecture: second-order LPF+analog volume adjustment+voltage amplification+current drive

        Variety of inputs: coaxial/optical/RCA line-in

        Variety of outputs: 6.35mm(1/4 in.) headphone out/RCA line-out

        Low, medium and high gains

        Supports USB DAC:768K/32Bit and native DSD

        RGM indications in blue/green/yellow

        Ultra-high power easily drives over-ear headphones 

      • High Purity Monocrystalline Pure-Silver Litz Cable LS-2.5D/LS-3.5D/LS-4.4D


        Monocrystalline pure-silver material
        Litz design
        4-stranded 224 cores
        0.78mm 2-pin connector

        PVC material | 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm jack-plugs


      • Flagship Portable

        HiFi Bluetooth DAC Amplifier BTR5


        Dual high-performance ES9218P DAC chips 
        Flagship Bluetooth chip CSR8675
        FPGA clock management, dual independent crystal oscillators
        Bluetooth 5.0 with all Bluetooth codecs
        Independent control chip Xmos XUF208
        Supports USB DAC: 384k/native DSD256
        Double-sided 2.5D glass with OLED display
        3.5mm+2.5mm headphone outputs
        Intelligent controlled FiiO Music app
        One-touch NFC pairing


      • Android-based Lossless Music Player M11 Pro


        High-performance audiophile DAC
        Dual AK4499 DAC chips
        Fully balanced THX AAA-78 headphone amplifier module

        2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs
        3GB RAM+64G ROM+2T microSD
        Supports All To DSD



      • True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones EW1


        Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, Bluetooth 5.0
        SBC/AAC/aptX Bluetooth formats
        cVc8.0 hi-res noise cancellation
        Two-channel dimensional sound | touch control 
        Easy to connect, memory pairing 
        Water-proof | 21 hours battery life


      • Over-Ear Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones EH3 NC


        Supports all Bluetooth codecs
        ADI noise canceling technology, feedforward hybrid active noise cancellation design
        Large 4.5mm drivers with double-sided titanium-plated diaphragm
        50 hours battery life, 1000 hours standby time
        Bluetooth 5.0, one-touch NFC pairing
        Dual Hi-Res certified

      • LT-TC1

        USB-C to USB-C charging/data cable

      • True Wireless Bluetooth Module UTWS1



        MMCX detachable cable design
        FPC Bluetooth antenna 
        Intelligent DSP noise cancellation

        Qualcomm QCC3020 chip
        Bluetooth 5.0
        Supports aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth codecs



      • DK1 


        Exclusive Dock DK1 Type-C version



      • Android Hi-res Lossless Music Player


        Two AK4499 DAC chips
        NDK Femtosecond crystals
        Analog potentiometer volume knob
        768kHz/32bit, native DSD512
        Qualcomm’s flagship Bluetooth chip CSR8675
        8X MQA decoding
        3rd-gen FPGA technology
        2nd-gen All to DSD

      • Dual Driver Hybrid(DD&Knowles) Earphone FH1s

        Knowles 33518 balanced

        Large 13.6mm dynamic driver
        Balanced pressure relief technology
        Friendly HiFi tuning for popular music
        High-purity monocrystalline Litz copper cable
        Unique celluloid faceplate

      • USB Power Supply Isolator LA-UA1

      • Android-based Hi-res Lossless Music Player M11 Pro Stainless Steel Version


        High-performance audiophile DAC
        Dual AK4499 DAC chips
        Fully balanced THX AAA-78 headphone amp. module
        2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs
        3GB RAM+64GROM+2T microSD
        Supports All To DSD
        Stainless steel body with a unique number


      • Flagship Bluetooth DSD DAC/Amp Q5


        XMOS chip, supports 384/k32B
        Bluetooth 4.2 (aptX)
        Dual DAC AKM4490EN
        MFi certified
        Native DSD
        3.5mm single-ended+2.5mm balanced
        10 hours battery life


      • Hi-Res Lossless Music Player M7


        Exynos 7270 (dual 1GHz 14nm)
        Smooth system with independent APP
        3.2 inch 480×800 hi-res touchscreen
        DAC ES9018Q2C
        Bluetooth 4.2 (aptX/aptX-HD)
        Superior LDAC wireless audio codec
        2GB ROM+256GB microSD
        Supports native DSD 
        Hi-Res certified
        TYPE-C USB

        20 hours battery life
        40 days deep sleep standby time
        USB AUDIO
        6 layer HDI PCB craftsmanship


      • Open Earplug EM3


        High-quality gold-plated plug
        Free to switch music and calling mode
        Large 14.8mm audible driver
        Grey-black UV material



      • Apple Lightning Amplifier i1


        Independent high-performance DAC chip
        High quality microphone
        Seamless metal body
        Low power, quick wake-up but no wasted electricity
        Simply plug and play, automatically recognized when on/off
        Compatible with a wide range of music apps and formats



      • Bluetooth Cable RC-BT


        CSR8645 Bluetooth core (Bluetooth 4.1)
        3-button multi-function in-line control center
        10 hours battery life
        MMCX connector, compatible with a wide range of brands
        Supports to connect with 2 devices at the same time



      • Bluetooth Earphone FB1


        Large 13mm dynamic driver
        Wireless mode with zero burden to music listening
        Charging for 10 minutes supports music playing for 1 hour
        Supports to connect with 2 devices at the same time
        CSR8645 Bluetooth core
        Easy to carry with fashion design
        Considerate tips with status indicator light


      • Enhanced Balanced/Singed-ended AMP Module AM3B


        The AM3B 4.4mm balanced /3.5mm single-ended output amp. module is based on the AM3A, but has received key enhance over it. Like the AM3A, which has proven to be a hit among audio enthusiasts, the AM3B also uses the highly-acclaimed AD8620 wide-bandwidth precision JFET operational amplifier in conjunction with two tailor-made OPA op-amps.


      • Bluetooth Receiver μBTR 


        Established HiFi  brand 
        Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip
        Independent volume adjustment
        Supports aptX
        Supports MIC
        Supports NFC
        9 hours battery life




      Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors FH5


      Exotic-inspired acoustics design
      Exotic-inspired S.TURBO technology
      Exotic-inspired independent sound tubes
      Knowles balanced armature driver
      MMCX detachable connector


      • Portable HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier BTR3


        World’s first Bluetooth amp. to support all wireless sound formats
        Exclusive Bluetooth audio codec indicator light
        CSR8675 Bluetooth chip+high-performance AK4376A DAC
        USB DAC
        One-touch NFC pairing

      • Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player M3K


        Ingenic X1000E SoC
        DAC (AK4376A)
        1100mAh battery capacity
        24 hours battery life
        38 days deep sleep standby time
        Recording functionality
        All major audio formats
        Independent touch pad buttons
        2TB microSD card expansion
        Clock functionality
        Asynchronous USB DAC
        A-B repeat


      • Portable Hi-Res Audio Player M9


        Supports full Bluetooth formats, high-quality HiFi
        Dual AK4490EN DAC
        Independent high-performance FPGA chip with native DSD128 support
        Unique RGB light indicator
        Specially designed audio architecture, 2.5mm balanced+3.5mm single-ended outputs
        Asynchronous USB DAC
        Customized system with quick operation

      • Portable HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier BTR1K


        Qualcomm QCC3005 Bluetooth chip (Bluetooth 5.0)
        Supports aptXLL/aptX/AAC audio formats
        Unique RGB light indicator
        HiFi DAC/Amp, AK4376A DAC chip
        One-touch NFC pairing


      • Quad Driver Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors FA7



        DLP 3D printed
        Skin-friendly resin shell imported from Germany
        Quad Knowles balanced armature drivers per ear
        4-way crossover system
        Unparalleled custom-IEM like comfort


      • Pocket-sized Power Flexibility Headphone Amp&USB-C DAC K3 


        2 USB AUDIO modes
        PCM384k/DSD256 decoding
        2 Headphone outputs
        2 digital audio outputs
        ADC volume control


      • Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player M6


        DAC ES9018Q2C | dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 | WiFi Streaming
        LDAC hi-res wireless audio codec | HWA hi-res Bluetooth audio codec
        Supports USB Audio | asynchronous USB DAC | Air Play
        FiiO Link | USB Type C symmetrical connector | 13 hours battery life


  • 13 January 2017, all-new F3 dynamic in-ear monitors was released. 
    April 2017, all-new F1 dynamic in-ear monitors hit the stands.
    May 2017, detachable balanced titanium diaphragm in-ear monitors F5 was released. 
    May 2017, Apple lightning amplifier i1 was released.
    15 July 2017, all-new X7MKII, X3MKIII, Q1MKII were released.
    15 July 2017, detachable triple driver hybrid F9 was released.
    August 2017, nondetachable triple driver hybrid F9SE was released.
    September 2017, Q1 Mark II, native DSD DAC/Amplifier for iPhone was released.
    November 2017, Bluetooth amplifier BTR1 with independent DAC and aptX was released.
    November 2017, detachable triple driver hybrid in-ear monitors F9 Pro was released. 
    19 December 2017, balanced armature-dynamic hybrid in-ear monitors FH1 was released.


  • January 2016, portable amplifier A1 was released.

    8 March 2016, the first version open earplugs EM3 was released. 
    15 April 2016, high-power amplifier module AM5 for X7 was released.
    4 May2016, non-amped module AM0 for X7 was released.
    4 June 2016, balanced amplifier module AM3 was released.
    16 June 2016, FiiO exclusive multifunction dock DK1 was released.
    5 July 2016, exclusive amplifier module AM1 for X7 was released.
    4 August 2016, official tuning module AM2A for X7 was released.
    10 September 2016, all-new X1 Mark II was released.
    October 2016, portable amplifier A5 was released.
    17 December 2016, all-new X5 Mark Ⅲ was released.


  • April 2015, the fourth version hi-res lossless audio player X3 Mark Ⅱ was released.


    June 2015, the fifth version hi-res lossless audio player X3 Mark Ⅱ was released.


    July 2015, customized earplug EX1 was released.


    September 2015, the sixth version intelligent Android hi-res lossless audio player X7 was released.


    September 2015, portable DAC/Amp Q1 was released.


    November 2015, digital player M3 was released.


    November 2015, the desktop Amp dock K5 was released.


    November 2015, portable DAC/Amp K1 was released.



  • January 2014, the second version hi-res lossless audio player X5 was released.

    March 2014, the scale of the dust-free workshop was expanded.

    May 2014, Hongkong FiiO Guangzhou Sales Center was established.

    September 2014, the third version hi-res lossless audio player X1 was released.

    December 2014, the customized version of portable amplifier E12A was released.


  • January 2013, flagship portable amplifier E12 was released.

    January 2013, FiiO attended the U.S. CES electronics exhibition for the second time.

    August 2013, the first version 192K/24B HiFi player X3 was released.

    September 2013, the first version Android-based DAC/Amp was released.

    December 2013, the X5 Launch Event was synchronously held in six cities.


  • February 2012, the masterpiece E17 was released.

    April 2012, FiiO moved to a new office with larger scale.

    August 2012, the 2nd-gen of E17, E07K was released.

    August 2012, wire-control amplifier E2 for iPhone was released.


  • April 2011, TV DAC D3 was released and best sold in the US.

    April 2011, FiiO moved to a new office with larger scale.

    May 2011, FiiO quit the research and development of speaker products.

    June 2011, E11, E6, E10, D5 were intensively released.


  • January 2010, legend DAC/Amp E7 hit the stands.

    October 2010, the pioneered dock-type amplifier E9 was released.


  • May 2009, FiiO entered the mainstream market in Japan.


    July 2009, the MP3 speaker S5 was released, which was counterfeited many times.


    October 2009, FiiO trademark successfully registered.


    August 2009, FiiO products were in great demand on head-fi.


    September 2009, FiiO cooperated with Japan OYAIDE to release cable products.



  • March 2008, the first type three-in-one power bank.


    June 2008, mini MP3 speaker S3 become the leader in the industry.


    August 2008, FiiO products were in great demand on Head-fi.


    September 2008, the classic model E5 hit the stands.


  • Before 2007, FiiO’s nuclear team worked at OPPO company.

    April 2007, FiiO Electronics Technology Limited Company was established in Guangzhou.

    August 2007, FiiO’s fist product, Meizu speaker was released. 

    December 2007, FiiO’s fist portable headphone amplifier E3 was released.