12. Is X1 2nd gen's Line Out adjustable? If so, is it fake Line Out?

A: 1. There are two modes for Line Out: fixed-level and volume-adjustable. If you choose fixed-level ,there are three fixed level outputs: 0db,-3 db and -6 db. While choosing volume-adjustable, you can press the volume buttons to adjust the output sound level. (The Fixed-level value setting is not available under volume-adjustable mode)
Note: Fixed-level mode means the output level is fixed, not affected by sound volume levels. And because the output level is very high, we recommend you to connect it with an amplifier. If you connect it directly to the headphones in this case, the loud music may cause damage to your hearing.

2. The definition of Line Out is mainly depends on whether the sound siganls will go through amplifier circuits or not. Volume-adjustable in Line Out refers to adjusting the output voltage level instead of the power. Actaully the judging criteria is easy: the volume-adjustable Line Out that doesn't go through amp circuits is real Line Out.