5. What are the differences and improvements of the X1II, compared with the old X1

A: 1.  Appearance comparison:

a. Full metal housing design makes the X1 2nd gen thinner and lighter.

X1II: 97x55.5x12(mm)

X1:  96.7×57.7×14.1(mm)

b. Arc waist design is employed to provide better hand fitnees and feel.

X1 2nd gen utilizes touch wheel, while X1 utilizes mechanical wheel.

c. There are 3 colors available for the X1 2nd gen, including Black, Silver, and Rose gold. While for the X1, its colors are Black, Silver, Gold and Blue.

2. The X1 2nd gen utilizes the touch wheel, which is different from the mechanical wheel on the X1. Our touch wheel technique has already applied for patent at present. Here is more info about the touch wheel: click here. 

Compared to the mechanical wheel, the toch wheel is more reliable, easy to operate and can help keep the dust. 

3. Sound quality: The DAC chip which the X1 2nd gen uses is PCM5242, whose SNR is 114dB which is higher than the SNR(112dB) of the DAC chip(PCM5142) on the X1.

Just like the X1, X1 2nd gen also utilizes dedicated DAC, dedicated LPF and operational amplifier. Moreover, we have optimized the power architecture and the whole circuit design at the same time to further improve sound quality of  X1 2nd gen, making better low-frequency quality and depth.

4. Functions comparison:

    a.  newly added dual mode Bluetooth(4.0) function, supporting Bluetooth V2.1 or above(including 4.1, 4.2 etc.).

    b. X1 supports power-saving off, sleep auto off, while the X1 2nd gen supports power-saving standby and sleep standby for instant-on playback. 

    c. newly added  In-vehicle mode: click here.

    d. newly added Line Out adjustable function: click here.

    e. newly added Fade in/Fade out function, which can be set via "System settings" ->"Playback gap".

    f. newly added the function of making the album cover displayed in full screen: "System settings" -> "Cover display" -> "Full screen".

    g. Dock in function: X1 2nd gen is also compatible with the FiiO DK1 or desktop headphone amplifier K5.

    h. Inline control function: compared to X1, the volume control function via Android headphones with CTIA standard is newly added to X1 2nd gen, then it will be convenient to control the volume on the X1 2nd gen.  The X1 2nd gen can be pefectly compatible all of FiiO headphones, but also Apple headphones and most Android headphones on the market. Because of the patent of the Apple headphones, the X1 2nd gen CAN NOT suport the volume control, but other functions on the Apple headphones, such as Play/Pause, Next/Previous and so on.

5. UI comparison: There are 6 kinds of new avaiable themes on the X1 2nd gen. And the appearance color(Rose gold, Black or Silver) of X1 2nd has the corresponding theme.

6. X1 and  X1 2nd gen's firmwares are developed by different software teams, so some functions may be included in the old X1 but not in X1 2nd gen. However we will try our best to optimize the firmware and adapt to the usage habits of our old users.  

Note: We will add the Gapless function to X1 2nd gen by the future update. The latest firmware for the X1 2nd gen is FW1.3.3 now.