The Leather Case Dedicated for FiiO M11 Plus LTD Is Officially Released!

Hey, it's been a long time. Here, we came with great sincerity. With the hot sale of our M11 Plus LTD, a specially designed brand new leather case, known as SK-M11 Plus LTD dedicated for the M11 Plus LTD shows up after a refined and optimized process, which is also an expression of our artisan-like quality and original aspiration.


The SK-M11 Plus LTD chose high-quality materials as FiiO usually did. The outer layer consists of premium cattle hide leather which was treated with an oil wax process, giving it both an unparalleled premium feel and an even, glossy luster throughout for a decidedly exceptional look. From inside out, every line on the cattle hide leather outer layer sparks for exquisiteness.


This time, the SK-M11 Plus LTD continues a classical asymmetrical triangle design in the FiiO family. While keeping a large space of heat dissipation grilles, it shows simple design aesthetics. What is more, FiiO has once again made an innovation and upgrade by iterating the six-gen honeycomb design to the SK-M11 Plus LTD. The prominent hexagonal grilles at the back integrate with the side buttons of the body, making a perfect combination between technology and craftsmanship.


The SK-M11 Plus LTD stands from user's angle to chase for the best ergonomic effects. Gone through times of design schemes and verification, an innovative touch + button volume panel was featured which seamlessly integrates with the player. Accuracy amid every corner shows FiiO's persistence in chasing for high quality. All bottom ports are exposed for easy connection but are also protected by the thick leather layer, and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the case design.


Key features of the FiiO SK-M11 Plus LTD include:

* Cattle hide leather outer layer

* Honeycomb design language

* Ultra-large heat dissipation grille


With the brand new design, FiiO's guarantee for high quality and exceptional experience, the SK-M11 Plus LTD will be the best candidate leather case for your M11 Plus LTD.


Best regards,

Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.