FiiO FH5s Review – A Hybrid’s Evolution

The FiiO FH5S is beast in performance. Giving out a highly detailed and crystal-clear sound with a tuneable sound with their tuning switches, they are able to satisfy a wide variety of users giving them an option to slightly alter the tune to their liking. Having a dual dynamic and dual balanced armature, they do possess the dynamics of a true dynamic driver coupled with the clarity and resolution of armatures and they provide the best of both world in a small package. Though lacking the coherency of a true dynamic driver, they are acceptable as FiiO has tuned the drivers to work as one and does much better than a lot of other hybrids in the market. The treble region does get hot at times and I wish the treble is smoother like the FD5 or FH5, but it provides an energetic signature which may please certain users out there. With their great a fit, tuneable sound signature and a great design with an audiophile sound, I would recommend this product for audiophiles and non-audiophiles as well.



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