5.How to adjust the 3 sound tuning switches?

There is a cleaning brush included, which can be used to clean the earphone units to ensure the best listening experience. The other end (sharp tip) of the stick is designed to trigger the tuning switches of the FH5s.

① Included in the package is a small tool with a cleaning brush and a tuning stick which can be used to adjust the tuning switch.
② When adjusting it, please hold the earphone tightly, and align the tip of the tuning stick to the switch position to gently toggle the switch.

① When you need to adjust the tuning switch, hold the earphone tightly and use the small tool included in the package (the end of the tuning stick) to slightly toggle it. Please do not use inappropriate tools, so to avoid damage.
② The tuning stick should only be used for the tuning switch of the earphones. Since it is sharp, please seriously follow the instructions when using it, keep it in a safe place away from children and do not use it for other purposes.