3.How to use the MMCX assist tool?

① Align the semi-circular indentation of the MMCX assist tool to the gap between the connector's male and female components.
② Ensure the tool is parallel to the gap and position it towards the gap between the connector's male and female components until it is in place.
③ Apply pressure by pressing down towards the other end of the tool.
④ The earphone unit will then be detached from the earphone cable.

① The MMCX assist tool should only be used for the FiiO's earphones when it is hard to detach it from an MMCX-connector earphone cable. Please do not use the assist tool for other earphone models, so to avoid damage.
② As the MMCX assist tool is a metal product, it may have the possibility of bruising the earphones. Please be careful when using it.