2.How many drivers does the FH5s have? What is the included cable?

【Driver configuration】
The FH5s adopted a brand new 2+2 architecture, ie. 2 dynamic drivers +2 Knowles balanced armatures.

In terms of low frequencies, a large 12mm beryllium-plated+PU gasket dynamic driver is equipped. N52 magnets are capable of 1.5 Tesla. The large size and high magnetic flux achieve a robust and explosive bass with music dynamics not distorted.
In terms of mid frequencies, it is taken care of by the 6mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic drivers. The results are luscious yet pure vocals.
In terms of high frequencies, the time-tested Knowles 30017 BA was used for less high-frequency loss and better extension, giving the FH5s its exquisite treble.

The acoustic architecture of 2 Dynamic Drivers + 2 Balanced Armatures not only achieves a wider soundstage, but also creates a better sense of atmosphere and truly envelops you into the music! The dual dynamic driver setup connects the mids to bass together more smoothly and coherently, making the overall sound quality reach a new level.

【Included cable】
--It comes with a 4-strand 120-core high purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper Litz braided wires.
--Expanded MMCX connector and classic left blue and right red unit markers.
--Designed with an interchangeable plug, the FH5s can suit different devices with its 2.5/3.5/4.4mm plugs.

Note: The standard expanded MMCX connecter is compatible with FiiO LC-B, LC-C, LC-D, LC-RE, LC-BT1, LC-BT2, UTWS1, UTWS3, IRC-MMCX cables.