To Turn Wired Earphones into Wireless Ones. FiiO's Latest True Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier – UTWS3 Is Officially Released!

If you have detachable-cable wired earphones, this time you will get a chance to make them into true wireless ones. The UTWS3, with great improvements in performance, listening and operation experience, is now going into the market. Here is a brief introduction for it.



More satisfied to operate it

It comes with a standard charging case with large storage space where the earphones can be charged/paired/turned on and off, fitting earphones of different sizes. The battery life of a single ear unit is about 5.5 hours, and about 7 hours for the TWS+ mode. Ear units can be charged 4-5 times by the fully charged charging case, in a total of about 30 hours of battery life.



Driving HiFi earphones with great ease

By applying a high-performance amp chip, the UTWS3 does a great job in driving multi-driver earphones with less distortion in signal transmission and improved driven capacity. In addition, the amp circuit has the function of adjusting analog volumes, which effectively helps to improve noise floor, dynamics and signal to noise ratio, thus achieving superior music performance.



Dual microphones for clearer calls

Both the left and right ear units have 2 built-in microphones. The primary microphone at the bottom of the unit picks up your voice, while the secondary microphone placed at a 90 ° angle from the primary picks up ambient noise that is filtered out by the Qualcomm CVC noise cancelling technology. Together these microphones give you crisp and clear calls.



Specially enriching your music world

By FiiO Control and FiiO Music App, customizing music styles becomes possible. To master the way of music listening, you can adjust the audio parameters in FiiO Control or FiiO Music App, including 3 sets of button control methods, remotely adjustable EQ, and channel balance.



Key features of the FiiO UTWS3 include:

* Qualcomm QCC3020

* Independent amps

* TWS + Low Latency technology

* aptX lossless support

* MMCX/0.78mm connectors

* App control 

* High capacity charging case

* 30 hours of battery life



More surprises are waiting for your exploration other than the above outstanding functions. Just take it as a companion to start your wireless life.



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