Plays just about every lossless music format.
Flawless sound on the go.

Lossless playback for

Searching for the lost sound

As time marched on,
methods of sound recording have progressed from wax cylinders to open-reel tape,
LP records and eventually CDs and DVDs in the digital era.
Today, lossy audio as exemplified by mp3s have become the mainstream.

But as our methods of storing recordings become more portable and convenient,
the sound goes through more and more lossy transformations
from the recording studio, through compression and format and bitrate conversions.
The final sound that reaches our ear is no longer true to the melodious live sound.

After years of research and development, today FiiO is pleased to announce
a hi-definition portable player that supports all five major lossless audio codecs
at up to 192k/24b master tape quality, allowing those who love music and love it
in high fidelity to find the sound they have been missing at long last.

Five main
Lossless music formats

The X3 supports all 5 major lossless music formats:
Added support for HE-AAC, MP3 CUE and
32bit/64bit/floating point music tracks.
This makes its format compatibility the most complete
among hi-end portable music players.
With the X3, music lovers worldwide need not worry
about music format compatibility or format
conversions anymore.
Even Apple’s proprietary ALAC lossless codec
is decoded flawlessly on the X3.

Supports 192K/24B
Asynchronous USB DAC function

With update to firmware 2.05 and up, X3 can be used as an outboard USB DAC,
Supporting up to 192kHz/24bit input.

HD music at
master tape quality

As digital audio technology advances,
more and more audiophiles are buying and storing music in lossless format.
And to get the clearest original sound,
music lovers spare no effort in hunting for digital master tapes
at 192kHz/24bit. Thanks to our R&D efforts,
X3 supports master tape quality at 192kHz/24bit to bring you
unprecedented hi-res music enjoyment.

Light-weight portable player
with high sound quality

The X3’s dimensions are 55x109x16mm and only weighs 122g. Compared with other audiophile music players, its small size and light weight make enjoying music whenever and wherever possible.

10 hours playback time
& standard USB smart charging

The 3000mA built-in lithium polymer battery guarantees
extra long playback time of 10 hours. Whether you’re
taking a train or plane trip or mountain hiking,a fully-
charged battery can provide a full day’s music enjoyment.
What’s more, with standard USB port used for charging,
you need not mess with looking for a particular adapter.
At home, on the go or at the office,
it’s easy to get it recharged via PC USB ports,
USB power adapters or mobile power chargers.
No need to bulk your bag up with a dedicated adapter
for your slim player when going out.

Note: 10 hours was the result obtained with
          beta firmware.In the future, we can prolong
          its playing time via firmware optimization.

Dedicated professional
High Quality DAC chip

Unlike other consumer music players and smartphones,
the X3 does not use the DAC function of its
main controller SoC; instead, for the best sound effect,
it adopts the professional WM8740 DAC chip,
designed by Wolfson Microelectronics plc
of England. This is the same DAC used in
the Rega Saturn (top-end CD player),
the Sony PHA-1 (amp & DAC) and
the iRiver AK100 (HiFi player).
Apart from excellent objective performance,
its subjective sound quality is also widely approved
by industry reviewers and consumers alike.

High dynamic and current
output amplifier

Just like its DAC chip, rather than using
the integrated amplifier of its main controller SoC,
the X3 adopts the AD8397 as its separate amplifier chip
This is a high current op-amp
capable of outputting 300mA into 16Ω headphones.
Moreover, thanks to its high bias current,
the AD8397’s output sound quality closely-resembles
Class-A amplifiers, with warm timbre and
dynamic bass.

Hardware bass
and treble adjustment circuit

Many other players provide sound equalization or bass
and trebleadjustment function using DSP technology.
Though DSP EQ can target narrow frequency bands,
this comes at the cost of noticeable phase distortion.

After processing by the EQ software,
the sound is no longer natural.
The X3 implements bass and treble
controlsusing dedicated analogue hardware
circuits.The result is natural and effortless
tone adjustments that do not sound “processed”.

Dedicated to
music appreciation

Though the main controller SoC in the X3 is powerful enough
to operate a whole Android system,
the X3 was custom built for music appreciation.
Therefore, no UI clutter was wasted on playing videos,
games and whatnot. Instead, apart from
common player functions like playing by genre or album,
album art and lyrics display, the X3 also provides
gapless playback, and settings on power-up volume and
maximum volume limit to provide better, safer and
more convenient music enjoyment.

Multiple ports for
more entertainment

The X3 is well furnished with multiple output ports
including headphone out, line out and coaxial digital output.
Not only can it be used as a full-featured standalone HD music player,
it can also serve as a an analog source component to outboard amplifiers such our
own Mont Blanc (E12) to drive power hungry headphones .
Moreover, it can also serve as a digital source component and invites a more powerful
DAC to further improve the sound experience by connecting to the X3
through its coaxial digital output.


Appearance and locations of I/O ports

Size and weight
Thickness:16 mm
2.4 inch color
TFT screen with
240x320 resolution.
Body: brushed aluminium chassis,
plastic shell,
brushed aluminium front panel,
metal buttons with circular grain
Power supply
and battery

Port: Micro USB
Power source: PC USB port, USB power supply or mobile power charger
Battery capacity: 3000mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery

Expansion memory
TF card (Micro SD card),
supports 128GB max.
Headphone jack
3.5mm headphone jack
Line output
3.5mm stereo jack
Digital audio output
3.5mm coaxial output
charging indicator
LED indicators: red light means charging ,
green light means fully-charged. Detailed battery gauge on LCD screen.

Music formats supported by X3

support DSD64(2.8MHz/1bit).
supports:DSDIFF(.dff)、 DSF(.ds)
Supports up to 192k/24b for fast compression
Supports up to 96k/24b for normal and high level compression
Not supporting Extra High and Insane compression.
Supports 192k/24b files for all compression levels 1 through 8.
Supports up to 192k/24b
ALAC is Apple’s official lossless compressed music format.
Supports up to 192k/24b
Supports up to 96k/24b
(highest sample rate and bit depth of lossless WMA)
AAC is Apple’s official lossy compression format.
iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod are all use it.
Firmware upgrade

Main functions

Supported, can be upgraded via firmware copied to TF (microSD) card
Built-in memory

(includes space occupied by firmware. Actual space available is about 7.08GB;
this will change with firmware updates; for reference only.)
External memory
TTF card (Micro SD card )
supports 128G max.
Data transmission
USB 2.0 high speed,. reading/writing speed about 4.5MBps.
Song playing
Supports playing by folder, album, artist, genre, or playing all music in one list
Asynchronous USB DAC
Asynchronous USB DAC
Playing mode
Random, ordered, repeat song and repeat all
Playback Memory
Can automatically start playing the same song from before device was switched off or
even continue from the previous track position
Library management
Supports deleting songs via the player, supports custom-defined “Favorites” playlist
Sleep mode
Can turn off after adjustable timed delay in sleep mode
Screen saver
Screen saver. Screen-off time delay can be customized
Screen brightness
Can be adjusted
CUE support
Separates file into tracks according to CUE sheet
and plays and skips tracks normally as with discrete song files
Album cover art
Can be displayed
Custom player themes
Now Playing display
Can display lyrics or ID3 info
Gapless playing
Volume control
60 levels digital volume control
Delete current file
Gain selection
Low gain/high gain available to adapt to different sensitivity headphones and earphones
Hardware bass
adjustment ±10 adjustable levels, centre frequency is 100Hz
Hardware treble
adjustment ±10 adjustable levels, central frequency is 10kHz
Output protection
When exceeding maximum voltage and current, relay will switch to protect the headphones
Volume settings
Custom power-on volume
Hearing protection
Custom max. volume to avoid damaging hearing
Balance adjustment
21 adjustable steps between hard-panned to left and hard-panned to right
On/off relay
Relay switch to prevent on/off transients
Headphone detection
Automatically stops playing the song when headphones are unplugged
Built-in battery
3000mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery
Charging current
When charging with PC USB: current up to 500mA, charging time about 8hrs.
When charging with 1.5A USB adapter, current up to 1,300mA, charging time about 3hrs.
(except for first batch of X3s, which had current up to 750mA, charging time about 5hrs.)
Playing time
10hrs for version 1.0 firmware, forecast to be upgradeable to 12-15hrs with later firmware
Hardware used
CPU: JZ4760,DAC chip:WM8740,AMP chip:AD8397

Package and Accessories

Full color hard gift box
Size of gift box
10.5× 13 ×3.2 cm
Silicone case
white translucent silicone case, 1pc
3.5mm to RCA
coaxial cable
Protective film
2pcs(with one already attached onscreen when leaving factory)
User manual
192k/24b music
26 authorized 192 KHz/ 24Bit music tracks embedded in internal storage
1m custom made high-current capable Micro USB data and charging cable, 1pc
Promotion code for HDtracks













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