Come Join FiiO at CanJam @ RMAF 2018 (October 5-7,2018)


The annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) is the most prestigious consumer audio and home entertainment show in the United States. CanJam RMAF is a show-within-a-show, organized by, it features the latest and greatest in headphone audio technology, one of the fastest growing segments of the audio industry.


What will FiiO bring to the site for you to get hands on?


A. Hi-Res Music Players

1. Smart Hi-Res Music Player X7 Mark II (Winner of 2018 Spring HP Festival Award and 1st Prize in VGP 2018 SUMMER)

2. Portable High-Res Lossless Music Player M3K (New)

3. Portable High-Res Lossless Music Player M7 (Winner of 2018 Spring HP Festival Award and 1st Prize in VGP 2018 SUMMER)

4. Smart Hi-Res Lossless Music Player M9 (Coming soon)


B. Portable/Bluetooth Headphone Amp & DAC

1. Native DSD DAC & Amplifier for iPhone Q1 Mark II (Winner of 2018 iF Award and VGP 2018 SUMMER)

2. Flagship Bluetooth DSD DAC&Amp Q5 (Winner of 1st Prize in 2018 Spring HP Festival, Special/1st Prize in VGP 2018 SUMMER)

3. Bluetooth amplifier μBTR (Supports aptX and NFC function)

4. Bluetooth amplifier BTR3 (Supports aptX, aptX-HD, LDAC, SBC, AAC and NFC function)

5. Bluetooth amplifier BTR1K (Coming soon)


C. In-Ear Monitors

1. Dual Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors FH1 (Winner of VGP 2018 SUMMER)

2. Triple Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors F9 PRO (Winner of VGP 2018 SUMMER)

3. Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors FH5 (Hot seller)

4. Quad Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors FA7 (Not released yet)

5. Single Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors FA1 (Not released yet)


Event Details:


CanJam RMAF 2018


Dates & times:

October 5 (Friday), Noon-6pm

October 6(Saturday), 9am-6pm

October 7(Sunday), 10am-4pm


Address: Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse St. Denver, CO 80237


FiiO Booth: CANJAM 28


See you there!


Best regards,

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.