FiiO Releases the LC-3.5BS--High-Purity Copper-Plated Silver MMCX Earphone Cable (45cm)


With the FiiO BTR series Bluetooth amplifier (namely μBTR, BTR1 and BTR3) selling well on the market, some customers suggest us to release a short version replacement cable for a more convenient on-the-go. That's how the LC-3.5BS came into being.

The LC-3.5BS consists of 8 strands of 24 0.05mm copper-plated silver wires each, all encased within a sheath that allows the cable to be resilient yet flexible. Both the MMCX connector and 3.5mm plug are gold-plated, leading to lower resistance and lower impedance. The around-the-ear design ensures your earphone will fit snugly and securely, while the 45cm length of the cable is just right, allowing you to avoid the mess of long wires especially when out and about.

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