Share Your Using Experiences of FiiO M7 to Win a Free Gift, worth up to $79.99!!!


--The M7 is the winner of the 2018 VGP Summer (first prize) and 2018 Headphone Festival Award (bronze award).


-"The M7 is bloody good with sensitive IEMs, their quietest DAP to date. It is also the best DAP for Bluetooth audio to date." -- Marcus on Headfonics


--“Its sound signature is mostly musical and very easy to like but at the same time it has enough detail and clarity to keep things quality and entertaining.”-- Lieven on Headfonia


--“The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the sound quality, and it is exceptional. The truly clean and black background is pure pleasure for long term listening” -- Paul Brooks on Headphone & Earphone Reviews

--“The M7 is basically quiet and doesn’t showcase any hiss with extremely sensitive IEMs.” -- HiFiChris on Head-Fi

--“The M7 is exactly what a portable DAP should be: it’s small, ergonomic, simple to use, has excellent battery life and most importantly sounds extraordinary.”-- Darku on Soundnews


--Find more reviews about M7 at:


All above are the comments about M7 by the media. So what do you got to say about it, dear respectful customers? To encourage all the M7 users to take an active part in this sharing, we are giving out free gift to the first 160 participants. Find the details as follows:


A. About the gift (according to the sequence of your entry): 

1. 1-30th entries: HiFi Bluetooth amplifier-BTR3 worth $79.99

2. 31-80th entries: Triple driver hybrid IEMs-F9 SE Black worth $59.99

3. 81-160th entries: Portable Bluetooth amplifier-μBTR worth $32.99

The prices for the gift are as stated on FiiO Aliexpress store at this moment.


>> Click the links below to learn more about the products mentioned above:

BTR3:;  F9 SE:; μBTR:


B. How to enter:

● Own a FiiO M7 bought from any online or physical stores outside China mainland or from FiiO Aliexpress store:


● Make comments or share your experience with M7 on any one platform of the following:

 * Amazon: with at least 3 pictures + no less than 50 words comments

 * Facebook / Twitter / Ins or other social media: with at least 3 pictures + no less than 100 words comments  

 * Head-Fi or any other audio-related forum: with at least 3 pictures + no less than 150 words comments


● Send email to with:

* Purchase proof of successful transaction (screenshot for online order or invoice for order made in physical store)

* Picture of the M7 package with the serial number label on the top

* The link and screenshot of sharing

* Your delivery info with Full name + Address with zip code + Telephone number


C. When to enter:

● No limits on the purchase date of your M7;

● Comments/sharing made during the period from Sept. 20th to Oct. 31st, 2018 (GMT);

● Only the first 160 entries will be qualified to get the free gift;

 Entries close at 11:59pm, Oct. 31st, 2018 or when the valid entries reach 160.



1. FiiO may employ your photo/sharing for advertisement purposes.

2. FiiO will inform you of the entry sequence and the corresponding gift;

3. One purchase is only qualified for one entry; In case of refund to M7, it will get disqualified.  

4. The gift will be arranged starting Nov. 1st, 2018, by postal service which takes about 1 month to reach you.

5. FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. reserves all rights to interpret and amend the rules of this activity as necessary.

Best Regards

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd