Not too long ago, Headfonics reviewed the FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth module with generally positive feedback.

Today, I will be looking into an updated model called the BTR1K, which has an MSRP of $49.99.

As far as Bluetooth nodes go, this is one of the smallest I've seen that offered a 3.5mm output. Hurray for FiiO, offering the basics back to the cell phone user world and beyond. I cannot stress how happy I am to use my phone again.

The Box and Build

Not much to rave about here. FiiO's box is basic cardboard and the unit comes neatly packed inside a very small container. Along with some paperwork, you’ll get a charging cable and nothing else.

FiiO has made sure to CNC with a very thick, all aluminum feel. For such a small little thing, it puts out serious weighted vibes. Good deal, FiiO. Thank you so much for not designing this as an all plastic, trashy feeling object.

It feels fantastic to grip and toss in my pocket. I am also very impressed with the 3.5mm cable output, which is rock solid and has almost no play and wiggle what so ever. I expected far less and received far more quality. You'll also get about 8 hours of usage out of this.

Author: Michael Piskor; From: Headfonics
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