FiiO Redefines Performance-to-Price With Three New Digital Audio Players

The M7 Digital Audio Player

The M7 is the next step below the M9 among Fiio's latest offerings. It's built to a price point where the focus is obviously on offering a great sounding player that retains the M9's good looks, but with a slightly reduced feature set. The form factor is very similar to the M9; it's a bit smaller, and just a bit lighter—that gives it even better marks from a portability standpoint. And it also incorporates a highly customized Android OS; the recent firmware update greatly improved its functionality. There are notable exceptions from the OS offered with the M9; there's no built-in WiFi, so there are no Android apps for network streaming or file management included. The lack of WiFi obviates the need for DLNA support, as well. And the unit employs a single ESS 9018Q2C DAC chipset, which is a very complex and capable chipset with capabilities that far exceed those offered by the M7. There is an onboard FPGA present, though its complexity doesn't match that of the chipset present on the M9, so firmware updates are downloaded from your computer to the microSD card and are installed from there. However, the mere presence of such advanced internal chipsets bodes well for the M7's future update potential.


Author: Tom Gibbs; From: Positive-feedback

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