Notification about the compatibility between E09/E09K and E7/E07K/E17


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As we all know, E09K has been on the market for several months, but some users may still feel confused about the compatibility between E09/E09K and E7/E07K/E17.

Following points would help you to get a better understanding about the usage.

1.    All the E9 /E09K can work well with the E07K/E17.

2.    E7 can work on E9.

3.    E09K in old version (sent out from our factory before Aug, 2012) cannot support E7 well, since there would be some noises when using together.

While the new version of E09K (sent out from our factory from Sep, 2012) which has been improved can work perfectly with the E7.

4. Ways to distinguish the E09K in old version and new version:

A, The old version of E09K just has the SN code

B, Characteristics of the new version.

1. SN code together with the blue sticker on the side of gift box.

2. Security code has been added to the package.


Sorry for any inconvenience that may bring to you.

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