Custom Knowles BA driver

13.6mm beryllium dynamic driver
Patented S.Turbo acoustics design

Exotic-inspired acoustics design
3 pairs of interchangeable sound filters

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New 4 Balanced Armatures 1 Dynamic Driver Flagship IEMs


3.5+2.5mm | In-line Remote Control|MMCX Connector

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Triple Driver Hybrid In-ear Monitors


Beryllium-plated dynamic driver | N50 two-way magnetic circuit
Balanced pressure relief technology | Celluloid faceplate
4-stranded high-purity monocrystalline copper cable | Strong bass

Beryllium-Plated Single Dynamic IEM FD1 

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6 Knowles BA | DLP 3D printing | 80.6mm ultra-long sound tube
4-way electronic crossover | 3 sound adjustment switches

8-strand monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable

6 Knowles Balanced Armature IEM


DLP 3D printed丨Specially customized balanced armature driver丨Detachable MMCX cable

丨Light andcomfortable丨Democratizing affordable excellent sound

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An artisanal jewel of picturesque sound

Single Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors - FA1


Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

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Exotic-inspired Acoustics Design

Exotic-inspired S.TURBO technology Exotic-inspired independent sound tubes 

Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

DLP 3D printed | Skin-friendly resin shell imported from Germany 
Quad Knowles Balanced Armature drivers per ear| 4-way crossover system
Unparalleled custom-IEM like comfort

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Quad Driver Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors